Our core business is the development, manufacture and integration of comprehensive car park management solutions covering both hardware and software. GEA PARK is the result of the unique experience and resources of GEA in the design and implementation of its automated payment collection systems.

Our teams use their proven knowledge to create reliable, robust and refined products that are both technically sound and aesthetically pleasing. We guarantee that our products are easily maintainable, and have backwards-compatibility with each of our solutions. With a great eye for detail we maintain close relationships with all our suppliers to ensure the very best components are used in our solutions.

By listening to our clients and users, we have perfected innovative solutions, based on the most up to date, technically advanced digital equipment practices. We pay close attention to changes in people’s behaviour, utilisation and service demands. Our duty is to support your project, helping you to provide the best service for your users.

Each year, millions of people, across the world, use our automated and manual payment systems within the complex world of car parks and the challenging environment of motorways.



Commitment is an intrinsic part of our company.
We share your objectives, supporting you throughout your project. Our teams are ready to assist you to assure the complete success of your operation, from the very beginning to a successful completion.
Unique response.
Our compact organisation structure gives us the flexibility to adapt, and to anticipate the changing needs and obligations of Parking Operators.
Our Second-to-none technical expertise, has been providing services to clients for more than 30 years.
We pride ourselves in offering increasingly robust solutions to satisfy our clients.
Your confidence, essential to the success of our projects.
It translates into sincerity and simplicity in our exchanges. It is this trust that has allowed us to maintain close relationships with our customers over time.


Full control of project processes.
By being on a single work site means that GEA's teams can manage the different processes of design and manufacturing hardware and software production. This valuable asset allows us to offer our customers complete quality control of our products, solutions and services, as well as a total control of budgets and an excellent response to tight project deadlines.
Reliability of equipment.
Our experience as a motorway toll system integrator allows us to develop parking systems with a high degree of reliability even for demanding and complex environments.
Site experience.
Since its creation, and by carrying out multiple international projects in more than 30 countries, GEA has acquired the know-how and attained a solid capability in the deployment and installation of transportation based solutions. We therefore offer a guarantee of continuity of operation throughout the systems life time.
GEA has always been committed to innovation and to launch new trends for operators. This constant innovation allows GEA PARK to offer constant support to our customers in the evolution of uses, standards and needs.